The Resource Center for Community Development (RCCD), located on Campus A of An Giang University, was established in September 2005 in accordance with Decision no. 2510/2005/QĐ-UBND of the People Committee of An Giang province. RCCD is directly under the administration of An Giang University and An Giang People's Committee. The Center has the function of organizing short-term training courses and negotiating with various partners throughout Vietnam and the world to seek sponsorships and co-operations in terms of building human resources for community development.  The first activities of the RCCD included providing English training courses to elects of Ford scholarship in preparation for overseas studies. In addition, the Center also offers intensive English programs for provincial officers and An Giang University’s staff. RCCD also cooperates with various domestic and international organizations to support short trainings and cooperative research activities related to enhancing human resources  and community development.

RCCD is an organization which is self-managed and responsible for a part of its the frequent activity budget. It has its own legal entity and seal, and is allowed to open a bank account to operate its programs according to the regulations of Vietnam’s laws.

Thay Le Minh Tung va Thay Vo Tong Xuan cat bang khanh thanh trung tam

Co Minh Kauffman va thay Vo Tong Xuan cat bang khanh thanh Trung tam